F.A.Q. (frequently asked questions)


Are there any “hidden” costs?
No. All charges are up-front – no surprises.

How much notice is required prior to a move?
Even though our company is large enough to handle short-notice moves, 2-3 weeks advance notice is suggested.

Is it recommended to receive an estimate in writing?
Yes. In order to accurately assess moving and/or packing conditions stairs, service entrances, and delicate goods, we always recommend that you receive a free on-premise, written estimate.



Are you professional movers?
Yes, we are professional, meaning licensed and insured. We hire only experienced movers and packers. Our trucks are modern and company branded. Our moving equipment and supplies are new and clean. Our employees wear uniforms and speak English.

What is the difference between a local and a long distance move?
If it’s less than 100 miles from your old residence to your new residence within the same state it is considered a local move.

What if I need storage?
Storage depends on availability. We need to know what size storage will be needed and for how long.

Does LA Moving have moving insurance?
Yes. We are actually insured twice of what state regulations require.

Does LA Moving do same-day moves?
Yes, we can do same-day moves. We do not charge you extra for same-day moves like other moving companies.