Welcome to LA Moving Company !

Our Company is in the business of packing, storing and moving

At LA Moving, we’re in the business of packing, storing, moving and unpacking people’s lives. We think that’s a tremendous responsibility—onethat involves more than just storage space, strong backs and trucks. It involves trust—the kind you put in us to take extra special care of your things.
From our CEOon down to the movers and drivers who’ll be handling your belongings, everyone is here for one purpose — to make your transition a smooth one. Whether it’s our hands-on senior management team following up with you to ensure everything is going as planned or the rigorous qualification and training program all of our drivers and movers must undergo to ensure they handle your life with care, everything we do is geared toward giving you the best moving and storage experience you could have.
A leading agent of LA Moving, making moving successful and as stress-free as possible for our customers isn't just a goal, it’s a tradition.

Calling LA Moving at (800)707-6420 could be the first step in a very smart move for you.